"She enjoys the program and looks forward to attending. Even on her days off she asks if it is her day to attend. The staff is kind and handle her disability very well."

- Jan Peck


"He enjoyes his time with you. It is lovely to see his smile upon arrival when he is greeted. I asked if he was making friends. He said, 'yes, thank you!'"

- Family Caregiver


"The group setting enables social 'moments'. The arts and crafts you do with the group are wonderful! The program allows me to work worry free. Your being there and being available...PRICELESS!! Everyone does such an excellent job. Smiles, patience, kindness. Thank you!"

- D. H.


"Interaction in a group setting has helped to stimulate what mental capacity remains. Most days she returns home happier because of the experience that you provide. I know that my mother is with reputable, caring staff and it eases my mind that she is in a safe, secure environment."

- Family Caregiver


"Your program frees up a day for personal activities. Keep doing what you do, thank you!"

- C.C.


"My mother has enjoyed her time there very much; the socializing has been great. She enjoys everyone that works there too. Providing transportation is a big plus for me. It also makes my mother feel less dependent on me."

- Family Caregiver